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Promotional drink holders are a great way to say thank you! Whether you are thanking your employees at a corporate get-together, thanking your customers with a free gift, or simply offering a reminder of who you are, promotional drink holders are perfect!

Promotional drink holders are another form of business cards; everyone has at least one somewhere in their house. Whether they use it on a regular basis or not, they remember who you are every time they see it.

Whether you are looking into beer coolers, wetsuit beer coolers, neoprene stubby coolers, or even screen-printed coolers, they will keep anyone's drink cool and make great conversational pieces at barbecues. Marketing has never been easier than handing out a few promotional drink coolers.

Several manufacturers offer decently priced services for all types of promotional drink coolers - beer coolers, wetsuit beer coolers, neoprene stubby coolers, screen-printed coolers, and more. Due to the nature of promotional drink coolers, they are customizable to your needs, and are manufactured in bulk, which gives you an excellent marketing tool at a budget savvy price.

There are multiple different options when it comes to the design you print on your new promotional drink holders. If you have one of those logos that is recognized by all, you could go as simple as just printing your logo on screen-printed coolers. You could also go with your standard logo and company name on your new wetsuit coolers.

If; however, this is an approach to get your name out there, you will want to come up with a design that is memorable, specifically for printed beer coolers and neoprene stubby coolers. This design should contain your company name and logo, as well, as this helps to make your company familiar and memorable! Another think to keep in mind, when coming up with a design, is that you will need it to look good on any color. The more flexible your design, the more variety you can offer to those you want to remember you.

The key to designing any marketing material is to make it friendly and memorable. Because this is a budget savvy marketing tool, you can use them to hand out to your employees, customers, and even corporate vendors - everyone that you come in contact with. You must take this into consideration - the wide market that will be exposed to your new beer coolers - when you are creating your print design.

Use promotional drink holders as your new business card and a great way to say thank you to anyone you meet!

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Promotional Drink Coolers

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This article was published on 2010/03/31